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Meet The Cast

Amanda Kaplan

Who doesn't want to be a princess when they grow up? That's been Manda's dream since she fell in love with a book loving beauty in 1991. While falling in love with the theater, she began to dream of a job where she could combine her love of performing with her dream of being a princess. It took a guitar playing Roustabout, an  adventure seeking blondie, and a misunderstood bad guy for her to live her dream!

(There might have been some help from a popular Snow Queen too.)  


Manda and Dale became friends while starring in All Shook Up. After a summer vacation down south, they were  inspired to make their own magic. Business Owner was never a role Manda would consider herself cast as, but she found that playing the part would be the only way to make her dream come true! 


Manda's many adventures have earned her an associates in performing arts and a bachelors in psychology. She spent many of her summers attending acting camp and later on teaching the youngest group of that same camp. She's also helped out and held classes at Stage Left Children's Theater.


Manda's newest role has been Mom to two little princesses! Finding and creating magic has been a passion of hers for so long and being able to share that with her family has been a dream come true!


All of our performers have a background in theater and have worked with children. We love doing parties just as much as the kids love having us there! Read below and learn more about our enthuastic and talented cast of perfomers. 

Dale O'Dell
Creative Consultant

You can say Dale is one of the creative forces behind Manda's Enchanted Events. Since the beginning, Dale has been friends with many beloved heroes, princes, & everyone’s favorite elf.  


In 2020 Dale moved to a far away kingdom, but don’t worry. Dale still helps our creative team. He wants to you remember that it all started with a Roustabout.

IMG_2602 (1).JPG
Claire Zito

Claire is thrilled to be joining the cast of Manda’s Enchanted Events! Claire has been performing and dancing since the age of 5, and has been Disney-obsessed for even longer! When she’s not performing, Claire is a production assistant and a director of the 5-7 year old productions at the Helen Hayes Youth Theatre. She will be studying Arts Administration with a concentration in theatre at Wagner College in the fall, in hopes of one day owning her own youth theatre company. 

Lucy Headshot.jpg
Lucy Rattner

Lucy is thrilled to be working at Manda’s Enchanted Events! She has been acting, singing, and dancing since she was three years old. She regularly does shows at the Helen Hayes Youth Theatre, such as Mary Poppins, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. Lucy has been obsessed with Disney since she was born and is ecstatic to get to portray her childhood heroes.

Nicholas Culver
Special Event Performer

Nick met Amanda through friends, but their love for Disney and Princesses made them fast cohorts! She wanted to be one He just wanted a tiara! Nick was a founding member of the Rockland Theatre Company and has been acting in various forms since High School. Nick has been Program Director, Technical Director, and Producer for over 20 productions in NY and NJ. Earning a bachelor’s degree from Dominican College in Social Studies Education for Adolescents, he has made teaching theater a favorite of his. He has done work with many Theatrical Companies both Regional and Local in NJ & NY. He has been seen on Dale Does & Informal Curtain Call. Living in Jersey he is fully entrenched in the Community Theater Scene even winning an award as supporting actor for his performance in Urinetown the musical at Old Library Theater in Fair Lawn.

Ashley Spinella

 Ashley is a proud member of our cast and is thrilled to be apart of the magic here every day at Manda's Enchanted Events! Ashley has been a dancer since before she can remember and has been a choreographer since the age of 8 choreographing and teaching dance at multiple locations in Rockland County and Yonkers, NY. She is a classical singer but loves to bust out her inner Aretha every now and then! Ashley is also a loving (& gifted) teacher.  She brings her knowledge and background in voice, dance, and theater into her classroom every day to enhance the learning process and make education more fun and relatable to her students. Do what you love. Love what you do. Special shout out to  Mrs. B for her continued love, support, guidance, and just for always being there no matter what. "I love you. Heart to heart. Same sky overhead. And chocolate dreams...." 

Kassidy O'Dell

Kassidy is thrilled to join the cast of Manda’s Enchanted Events! Kassidy has been dancing since she was two years old, and has been involved in theatre for over 10 years now, performing in countless musicals, plays, and concerts. She has worked as a choreographer for youth theatre, and has been working with kids of all ages since she was a kid herself! Kassidy is so excited to get the opportunity to work in such a magical environment with such magical people.

Mathew Gill Clark

Matthew is thrilled to be back working at Manda's Enchanted Events. His passion to transform into his favorite characters has been a part of his life since he was thirteen. He is currently working towards bringing his passion for theater to others by becoming a teacher. He has been both on and behind the stage whether it's acting, singing, directing or designing, he loves theater. Even though his last name is Clark, he can't wait to become more characters than just Superman!

Mari Gordan

Mari is so honored and excited to join Manda's Enchanted Events. Mari loves all things Disney and never stopped playing dress up. She still sings and dances all over the house. She loves classic Disney the most, her favorite princesses are Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Mari is a senior at Walter Panas High School and has been in many school and community theater productions (the most recent was the Helen Hayes Youth Theater's Advanced Summer Intensive production of Mamma Mia!). Some past shows include Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Shrek and she has taken voice and dance lessons. Mari plans to study musical theater in college. She has been a mother's helper and loves kids and animals.

Sophie Seitz

Sophie has been performing since the moment she could sit up, she sings more than she actually speaks! After years of children’s theater playing the prince in musicals such as Snow White (Prince Charming...twice) and the lead role of Charlie in Willy Wonka, she can’t wait to have the opportunity to play the princess! Sophie attends Tappan Zee High School and participates in any theatre she can. She has worked with children’s theatre companies, summer camps and babysits often. She can’t wait to be part of Manda’s magical cast!

Kim Ceccotti

Kim still can't believe Amanda has allowed her to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a princess! Kim is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Theatre at City College, where she is also involved in various TYA productions and teaching artist opportunities. She holds a BA in English Education, and she teaches grammar and reading comprehension at an after school/ weekend program. Kim has performed in a handful of off-Broadway musicals with PiPE DREAM theatre, as well as many festivals, college, and community shows.

Julia Woulfe

Julia is thrilled to be joining the cast of Manda’s Enchanted Events. Julia absolutely adores musical theatre and grew up in a Disney loving household. She has performed in many shows with the Helen Hayes Youth Theatre including The Lion King (Scar), Mary Poppins (Ms. Andrew) and Legally Blonde (Margot) to name a few. She attends Tappan Zee High School and participates in the school shows there as well. Julia enjoys working with children and has volunteered for three summers at St. Catharine’s Vacation Bible School where she taught children 3-8 years old. When she’s not spending her time performing, you can find Julia rehearsing for her next audition to her puppy Lyla.

Andrew Marcinack

Andrew is super thrilled to be joining the cast of Manda’s Enchanted Events! For as long as he could remember, Andrew has always wanted to be a superhero, specifically a Power Ranger (Manda, wink wink). He has a strong theatre background, having been performing for the last twelve years. Despite being an Orange County native, Andrew has been seen in productions across all of Rockland County. Andrew holds an associates degree in performing arts with a concentration in theatre. He can’t wait to see you all at your events!

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